Infinite Communications



Current versions:

Android Handset app CT

Android Tablet app TAB

Configurator 1.3.8

CommCheck  functions.

  • Priority TX interrupt other conversations 
  • ALL Call feature to reach every one
  • Hot microphone and video emergency on predefined channel
  • Monitor other groups,receive  simultaneously
  • Push To Video
  • Receive and send photo 's
  • Receive alarms including external systems
  • All settings are profile based and can be applied to multiple users instantly over the air.
  • Voice recording
  • Indoor location based on WiFi and/or Bluetooth low energy beacons
  • Bluetooth beacon activation of functions like Mandown On,Lower volume,etc
  • NFC checkpoint scanning
  • Geographic defined talkgroups, switch to talk group automatically when entering or leaving an area.
  • Geographic activation of mandown and / or loneworker when you enter or leave an area.
  • Audio Feedback Suppression (Larssen effect)
  • Vox (Voice Operated Transmission)
  • Change radio name using NFC tag.
  • Change Fleet configuration using NFC tag.
  • Change Talkgroup list using NFC tag.
  • Enable / Disable Mandown - Loneworker with NFC.


It uses OPUS codec with AES256 encryption for optimal audio and video quality.

There is support for Bluetooth speaker microphones and buttons.

  • Sensear headsets


Android Tablet dispatcher

A tablet version intgrates the features of a dispatcher .

  • Send adress to clients by name or click on the map.
  • Send tasks to individual or group.
  • Voice recording and playback.
  • View scanned NFC tags.
  • Talk to the selected group.
  • Monitor audio of unselected group.
  • View job and battery status clients.
  • View indoor location of clients.
  • Zoom in to GPS location during emergency.
  • Mark incidents on the map and share with other users.
  • Shared logbook function with Email export.

(on Samsung Tablets the Bluetooth headset/speakermic  does not work)

 C2 Command & Control Web interface

 Webbased interface to view and control devices.

  • Alarm and status overview.
  • Allocating people to handsets and panic buttons.
  • Send alarms,addresses ,photo's and tasks to devices.
  • Send dynamic regrouping to devices from list or map location.
  • Geofencing including activating functions.
  • Install applications remotely.
  • Enable,Disable and Wipe devices.
  • Add or delete talkgroups.
  • GPS and Indoorlocation display.
  • Enable / Disable hotmic and video.
  • Change camera front and back.
  • Start / Stop live video streaming and recording.
  • View recorded video.
  • Enable / Disable Mandown and Loneworker.
  • Integration of wireless panic buttons and IoT alerts.
  • Reporting feature.

Available in English,Dutch and Polish.(Other languages on request)


The CommBoxx is a basic PC application to talk and listen to a talkgroup.

  • Multiple instances can run on the same PC.
  • Windows,Linux and Mac OS
  • Footpedal support RS232.
  • Bluetooth headset/speakermic support.
  • Always on top of other windows.


 The PatchBoxx allows you to link different talkgroups with eachother.

Voice and CallerID are transferred to the selected talkgroups.

It is possible to link talkgroups from another organisation/company during incidents.



The CommCheck voice logger will record all voice conversations with the same domain name.

Both group and private calls are recorded.

You can filter on user id, group id and IMEI number between certain time periods.

You can export the audio and generate a PDF report.



Gateway to connect LMR systems including TETRA and DMR is available to expand your radio network.

For each CommCheck talkgroup a gateway is needed to connect your LMR talkgroup.

Portable  and mobile gateways as the Boxchip S900 and ESTALKY 966 /600 are supported as well.